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OIGM just launches a NEW program in Haiti, SOON will be also in DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.

OIGM just launched a NEW program in Haiti.  The program will SOON be in the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. 

Program names: OIGM TECHNO-ALPHA. 

Why this program?  In developing countries, the technology system provides the greatest channel to communicate with the world.  95% of families in developing countries have at least a computer and internet service to communicate, do homework, voice over IP, watch global news, etc.  However, Haiti and her neighbor country are far behind most countries in this world of technology.  Most of the government offices are still using a typewriter to type a legal document.  With that said, these countries (such as Haiti and Dominican Republic) need help to communicate with the global world. 

For this reason, OIGM initiated a jump start program called OIGM TECHNO-ALPHA. 

OIGM TECHNO-ALPHA’s goal is to teach whole generations in Haiti and Dominican Republic how to use a computer and the internet system.

OIGM is encouraging friends, partners, and organizations of all kind to donate laptops and desktops they are no longer using.  

What may be useless to some will be priceless to others.