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Saving lives is our priority!

OIGM just launched a NEW program in Haiti. The program will


Name of Program: OIGM TECHNO-ALPHA

Why this program? In developing countries, the technology system is the greatest channels to communicate with the world, to provide medical reports, to transfer prescriptions to pharmacy centers, to upload patients' medical reports to medical facilities; instead of a using a paper referral. With this new program, we will have general access to patients' medical records, general access to students reports, etc..

In developing countries, 95% of families have at least one computer and internet access in their homes, their schools, and their libraries. They use their computers to do homework, built software, create a blog or website, create voice over IP, watch global news, etc. However, Haiti and her neighbor country are far behind most countries in this world of technology. In Haiti and Dominican Republic, most of the government offices are still using the typewriter machines to type a legal document. With that said, those countries (such as Haiti and Dominican Republic) need a large techno support in order to reach the world standard. 

For this reason, OIGM has initiated a jump start program: OIGM TECHNO-ALPHA.

OIGM TECHNO-ALPHA’s goal is to teach generations of Haitian and Dominican Republic people: starting with doctors, nurses, teachers, hospital staff, pharmacists, students, social workers, etc., on how to use a computer and the internet system. Also, we want to teach them on how to create a chart system for patients.

Imagine: Ms. Mary has a doctor visit today, her doctor prescribes her a list of medications for her to take. She starts taking the medication but suddenly something else happens to her; now she has to see another doctor in another facility. Lack of medical information from the first doctor might cause the second doctor to prescribe some medication Mary should not be taking. What happens now, instead of helping her they have created a health conflict in her life.

To make this program possible, and continue to save lives, OIGM is encouraging friends, partners, and organizations of all kind to donate laptops, iPads, and or Tablets; things they are no longer using, to OIGM. What may be useless to some will be priceless to others.

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