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Mr. Georges M Jones
President and Founder of Outreach International Global Ministries (OIGM), Inc.  
Mr. Jones has the spirit of servitude and dedication to serve all poor countries in the hemisphere.  His servitude and dedication are backed by his years of experience as a human rights activist. He has worked with different countries in the Caribbean, South America, and Europe within the past fourteen years.  Mr. Jones is knowledgeable and well-equipped to operate OIGM and to guide it towards its mission of helping to solve a “Global-Poverty Crisis”.  He has a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration.
Mrs. Brenda G. Lindsey
Project Assistant

Mrs. Lindsey assists OIGM's Senior Management Team , President, Vice-President (VP), and Chief  Technology Officer (CTO) with a variety of projects. Her key responsibility is to help with the completion of projects and to stay within the budget. She assists in key decisions, adjust budgets, add resources, and assists in other related projects as directed by the Senior Management Team. In addition, she will receive regular reports by the Project Zones Coordinators. 

Mr. Dorcelien Maxime
Mr. Maxime is an experienced bi-lingual secretary.  He is hard working and dedicated to creating positive life-changing experiences of individuals, especially in areas of Colombia, South America. He holds a true capacity for teaching and empowering disadvantaged youths.  He helps to propel them forward, toward their true potential, by teaching them the consequences and dangers in taking drugs, quitting school, and becoming parents at a very young age.
Mr. William Whiting
Mr. Whiting has five years of experience managing business relations; and, special projects at the senior management level.  He serves as the primary point of contact for OIGM and liaison between our management personnel teams. He has excellent communication skills for handling international requests or concerns with effectiveness and confidentiality.  Mr. Whiting assist in diplomatic issues and provide coaching to other administrative organizations; especially in the area of public relations.
Mr. Mark Tardor
Mr. Tardor has incredible experience working with many companies.  He handles contracts for facilities such as hospitals, schools, and medical centers.  He has been working for a real-estate company for more than five years as a financial senior advisor.
He provides leadership skills involving managing, developing, and motivating teams to achieve their objectives.  Mr. Tardor possesses first-class analytical, design, and problem-solving skills which involves the following: establishment of project monitoring and evaluation systems, project evaluations, periodic work plans, preparing and monitoring log-frames, formulation of indicators, designing of questionnaire/monitoring formats, and, research/survey designs that are qualitative and quantitative.
Mr. Fritz Gerald
Treasury Secretary
Mr. Gerald has seven years of experience forecasting and analyzing financial information on the areas of accounting and treasury, and, credit analysis. He is proficient in inductive reasoning and keeping detailed records.  He has made strategic construction plans and investment/developed statements of functional expenses and supporting schedules.
 Mr. Herold Lacroix
Mr. Lacroix has experience as a coordinator for many years in International Strategic Environmental Agriculture. He assists our project management team with planning, organizing and implementing projects. He creates and prepares all files related to projects. Mr. Lacroix is also well-equipped to resolve work issues.  He has a Degree in Economic Policy and a Degree in Diplomatic Sciences in the Dominican Republic.

Mr. Jules Montalnor
Project Coordinator and International Representative
Mr. Jules has excellent communication skills.  He identifies issues from hypotheses and conduct analyses, synthesize analyses into recommendations, and implement changes.  He can motivate his team members to accomplish given goals.  Mr. Jules provides compassion to those who are disadvantaged; locally or globally. At OIGM, he promotes a great health plan to prevent all types of illness and to protect future generations.