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About 80% of Haitian families have no access to health care, and have no social services in their communities. Inadequate health services, deficient sanitation systems, and poor nutrition have pushed Haiti to the bottom of the World Bank rankings of health indicators.


Consequently, malnutrition is a significant problem of Haiti. Half the population of Haiti can be categorized as “food insecure.” Half of the Haitian children are undersized because of malnutrition. Less than half of the population have clean drinking water. This rate compares poorly even with other less-developed nations. Economic instability has limited any growth of Haiti. OIGM, simply, must stay active.

Our Goal To Delegate Our Medical Team All Over Haiti

1. Reach all the 10 states/departments of Haiti, especially the poorest Haitian villages in a period of 10 months; by seeing at lest 1000 patients per state or per department.

2. Based on evaluations, OIGM needs an amount of $10 (USA) per individual. This amount will include medical fees and medications. OIGM goal is to raise $120,000; $10,000 per state (10 states) and $20,000 for food and transportation.

3. OIGM will conduct a follow-up plan to build medical centers and continue to help improve the lives of the Haitian people.

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