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Thank you for supporting our lifesaving work.

The ability to respond quickly to medical humanitarian emergencies is crucial to saving more lives.

OIGM is very concern about the health of the people around the world.

We are seeking volunteers to sign up; like doctors, nurses and mission-minded individuals that are willing to help those who have no medical access around the globe.

Our Mission

Work side-by-side with the Ministries of Health and other partners to establish a national system to track diseases; including, responding to all cases like cholera, HIV Infections, malnutrition and any type of general sickness and outbreaks. Routinely test for suspected cases, along side the National Public Health Department, in high risk areas.

Support treatments of cholera and other diseases at public hospitals and non-governmental facilities. Train community health workers to conduct outreach activities on prevention and treatment of diseases and any type of sickness and outbreaks.

Offer mobile clinics throughout poor countries, like Haiti and the Dominican Republic ect, in order to offer basic medical services to those who have no access to modern day medicine.

Build Medical Centers throughout every district. 

We are unique in mission

We offer great opportunity and provide to our mission participants with the Experience our Lifetime saving program.


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List any language you speak*

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Please let us know if you have any question

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