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OIGM would like to thank each one of you for your faithfulness and your commitment to our Global plan. We are delighted to announce that OIGM will host a fundraiser within the next few months. The date and location will be published on our website and facebook. We encourage you to be part of this event. This will be a great concert with multiple languages and talents from many different cultures like: Spanish Bands, American Bands and French-Creole Bands" - don't miss out this opportunity! For further information please don't hesitate to fill out the sheet or give us a call.

Why this fundraising?

In Haiti, things have gotten worse since the aftermath the earthquake. Hundreds of people die daily with the epidemic of CHOLERA. The public hospitals are not able to support the majority of those who are affected. These hospitals are often plagued by strikes from the medical staff and often fail to have adequate supplies of everyday operations. It is not unusual to find a surgical patient, whose wound is draining into a glass pop bottle, recovering in a large room with several other patients with varied ailments. If, you can afford treatment in a private hospital, you are left in the care of a facility fighting to keep you alive. Any illness creates a difficult situation.

OIGM wants to provide medical assistance and outreach to the people of Haiti with a daily, general clinic in certain areas like Martissant-Carrefour-Gressier, Cite Soleil, Canapevert and Cayes. OIGM's Medical Specialists will serve and receive patients in surrounding communities, in partnership with North/South American doctors and others in different parts the world. With the help from medical professionals and medical teams, thousands of urban and rural poor Haitians and surrounding communities will be served each year through OIGM mobile clinics.

Moreover, OIGM has a bigger vision - Medical Centers. OIGM Medical Centers will provide space for quality healthcare and will allow for general medical services that will track a patient's history, provide an in-house pharmacy, provide dentistry services, provide laser-eye surgery, and, other health services to patients that could not otherwise afford it. OIGM Medical Centers will help increase the quality and quantity of healthcare services to Haiti and all surrounding communities.

The OIGM staff is encouraging you to please join today. Please fill out the "Get Involved" page or our "Contact Page" to help thousands of lives in different parts of the world; especially in Haiti. You may also sign up as a: Volunteer Doctor, Volunteer Nurse, Pharmaceutical Provider, Helper, Car or Ambulance Donor/Sponsor, Foundation Donors/Sponsor, Contributors, Equipment Donors/Sponsor, etc.

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