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We are reaching out to people socially, culturally , educationally and morally.

Our mission is: To promote coordination and conducting life-oversight and recovering available funds, to give a better quality of life for the poor in transparency on recruiting and spending by providing the public with accurate necessary service.

  • A rising problem confronting at least 70% of young people today, according to our research are drugs and early parenting. OIGM is providing programs ( everywhere we are located) called PREPARING LIFE FOR THE FUTURE. By establishing seminaries for young people from ages thirteen to eighteen. Teaching them how decisions make now can effect their future. "Don't be destroying your Future."
  • Providing a healthier alternative, in collaborating with a staff medical care to help the poorest countries around the world, specifically Caribbean countries and South America.
  • Developing a Social, Intellectual ambiance by building schools and Clinic Care Centers while benefiting any disadvantaged wherever OIGM is located.
  • Create Technical School Centers for those unfortunates.
  • Establish a recruitment system by identifying orphans and giving them a professional education for a better life.
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