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All poor countries around the hemisphere suffer because of economical depression and common natural occurrences; consequently, making life harder than it was before disaster struck.

According to one report, 80% of the Haitian population is living without hope of getting above the poverty line.


What does poverty look like? People sleep on streets and eat out of garbage cans. There's no school, no hospital, and no descent water. Three to five people struggle to feed themselves off $1 a day. For Example: One research estimates that 65% of the population of Colombia live below the poverty line; and, rural poverty is especially acute. The poverty rate for rural dwellers in Colombia is estimated at 80%, of which 42% is considered extreme. Also, only 15% of rural dwellers have telephone services access, 62% to potable water, and 32% to sewage treatment services. These conditions are exacerbated in rural areas by a 15% illiteracy rate.


We are compelled by our faith, and conviction, that human life is sacred and precious. In this world we have 3 billion people that live on less than $2 (USA dollars) a day and 1.4 billion people that live on less than $1.25 (USA dollars) a day. This is the life of those who live under the condition of extreme global poverty.


According to our research, these unfortunate people can disappear from our world; therefore, we must do something to solve these issues .

OIGM encourages you to support us now!

As we are working to help

children around the world,

especially in Haiti, we would

greatly appreciate your help!

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