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Based on the current edition of our report, homelessness for 2022 and over time. Key facts and data points include:

  • Homelessness has been on the rise since 2017, experiencing an overall increase of 6 percent.

  • In 2022, counts of individuals (421,392 people) and chronically homeless individuals (127,768) reached record highs in the history of data collection.

  • Homeless services systems continues to expand the availability of both temporary and permanent beds in 2022, but these resources still fall short of reaching everyone in need

  • OIGM in its own investigation, recognizes, 99% of homeless community has never being in restaurant,, and feels like getting into a restaurant will never be possible in their lives until their final breath on earth . During our investigations, Our dedicated team asked why do you think, you have never been in any restaurant at all. The answers were: 

  • a) Because we are not characterized in the category of people who can either pay for meals. Sometimes, dress code is also one of the factors. People won't allow us to seat beside them. Sometimes, we are not even showered. 

  • b) We are not recognized as a community, We are very excluded 

The purpose of this plan

Our Mission is to make the homeless community feels that they are part of the society

So, based on our view and our research, 99.9% of the homeless community don't know what is a DRESS  CODE.

 In other word, they don't know how to DRESS themselves for any  especial occasion.

Why? it's because they are not in tittle to such occasions. 

They do not know how to get into a RESTAURANT to eat,

why?  it's because they are not in tittle to it.

They don't know how to get a proper shower.

Why? it's because they do not have access to it.

They do not participate in any  political or social conversations, political events or even voted. 

Why? it's because they have left behind.

They don't have a church place like everyone to go to worship and interacting with others. 

Why? it's because they re ignored by almost every other community.

When they are sick, they have no medical attention.

Why? it's because they have NO HEALTH CARE ACCESS. 


That is why, OIGM is providing access to the HOMELESS community, by providing to them a new believe, a new hope,

with a new LIFE STYLE integration.

1- Providing them a place to eat calls: LIFE STYLE INTEGRATION RESTAURANT

2- Providing shower comfort spaces, including with soap, rags, towers, tooth brush, toothpastes, lotions, hair brush ect.

3- Providing them, clothes, shoes ect.


5- Providing  weekends community TOURS  via our Foundation vans

Packing Boxes
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