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Base on the world needs today, OIGM in partnership with GLOBAL ACTION TO IMPROVING LIFE, want to move quickly on helping the countries that struggles on agriculture needs globally, specially Haiti, Salvador and some part of Africa.

Considering the needs on these countries, OIGM puts a plan by working with 1000 Agronomies in each of this country to teach and train people on agricultural work.


Haiti was once the world’s largest exporter of coffee. There are different theories as to what caused the decline, but most would agree that governmental mismanagement, deforestation, and decreased competitiveness in the face of a growing number of coffee producing countries were factors. Today, coffee is a niche export but there is room for growth. Productivities and ordering will help back growing back the Haitian country.


Haiti once exported large amounts of cane sugar, but could not withstand increasing international competition and a shift to cheaper forms such as corn fructose. Sugar is now used primarily for domestic consumption and rum. In areas with ample water, cane has potential to be cultivated as a bio-fuel. Of all potential biofuels available to Haiti, continues to receive the most attention. The government have not seen a formal policy on them.

Production of mangos corn, rice, bananas, beans and cacao ect could also be expanded.

And help the Haitian nation build his character before the country neighbor.

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