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Goat Program

About OIGM


Outreach International Global Ministries Inc has a mission to promote, conduct social and economic programs to improve the lives of others who are less fortunate. We are a non-profit organization committed to implement educational, social, economic, and cultural and morally sound plans to ease the struggles of poverty for people around the globe. OIGM, Inc has been in existence since 2009 and has being operating in many countries in South America as well as the Caribbean.

Statement of Need


Since the 2010 7.0 earthquake, Haiti has mounted efforts to re-establish itself, however the population in the rural area continues to experience hardship in their every day lives. The country still faces significant challenges ahead; according to World Bank statistics extreme poverty is at 24% in Haiti as compare to other neighboring countries in the region. OIGM Inc has found a simple solution that can change the lives of many families in Haiti. To help resolve these challenges, the organization has decided to offer the people of Haiti an agricultural farm project.


Background Of Project

The objective of this project (The Goat Program) is to fight poverty and to promote agriculture in the most impoverish areas of Haiti. The program will begin by strategically disseminating 1000 goats throughout the rural areas of Haiti; essentially 100 goats will be distributed per state through a lottery process. The goal is to select 50 people in every state; another word (2) two goats will be given per person. Therefore the lottery winners who are looking to start their own farm will care for these goats in return they will donate 1 goat per year to our organization for the next 5 years. This will allow us to continue the program in other parts of the country.


Subsequently, farmers will also be taught how to manage their farms and maintain their books so they can keep track of their profitability. They will also have access to funding through, Haiti largest microfinance company. Fonkoze S.A is a non-bank financial institution and leader in financial inclusion innovation. It offers its members a full range of financial services with over 45 branches throughout Haiti - See more information please their website at


Project Deliverables and Beneficiaries

The participants of the program will have the incentive to return back to their home state and return to agricultural production as oppose to living in the city of Port au Prince with no jobs. The farmers will be able to run their own business and earn enough to feed their family...


Strategic Context- How this fit into the Philosophy of Helping


Time Factor

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